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As Featured In

As Featured In


.. I am a wild girl at heart and a sexual health, pleasure & relationship “scientist”.

I have been leading the online world of sexual education with easy-to-understand tips & methods since 2013. (yep, that’s almost 10 years)

More than 300 million people have watched my YouTube videos, more than 400.000 are on my newsletter list, I got featured in Forbes Magazine, Cosmopolitan and a long list of other publications. Most of all I feel blessed to be able to support so many people on their journey to better sex, fulfilling relationships and a powerful sexual body.

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In this is one-hour masterclass you will learn:

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Know Your Sexual Body

Want better orgasms? Want to pleasure your partner so she will never forget about you? Then you need to learn one major skill: Understand the sexual body & learn sexual skills.


Learn Breathing Techniques

Your breath connects your intimate area with your entire body, organs and your heart. This is how full-body orgasms are made.


Build Your Sexual Confidence

The greater your confidence, the more pleasure you will experience in bed.

Do it for 30 days in a row and you’ll feel more confident in bed and everyday life.

Free Sexual Body Masterclass Reveals

How to feel amazing in your body!

Learn my secrets to an attractive, strong and beautiful body. In this FREE video masterclass I’ll share with you how I keep my sexual body parts strong, beautiful and well-functioning. This masterclass is perfect for men & women.

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