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Have Tantric Sex & Unlock NEW Levels Of Connection, Love & Intimacy 🔥

Then use this incredible bond to build a passionate and peaceful relationship.

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Watch a real couple have "Tantric Sex 🔥" on camera & then use their secrets to have amazing sex with your partner.

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What You’re About To See Will Leave You Utterly Impressed, Speechless, And In Complete Awe. 🔥

It’ll catapult you among the few men (top 2%) who know about ancient sex techniques that unleash soul-shaking intimacy and passionate desire between two lovers.

Let Me Guess 🙃..

You Want To Make A Woman Feel Really Special & Show Her How Much She Means To You.

So you thought about buying her flowers 💐 or a special gift

But you are not sure what gift would make her happy. Is it a ring?  Or chocolate? 

You thought about ways to last longer in bed 🏆

Maybe longer sex would make her happy? But how do you last longer when she's hot?!

You thought about giving her a really good orgasm 💥 (or even multiple orgasms)

Great idea, but how do you do that without having to ask her what she likes and looking like a fool. After all, you want look confident and masculine in front of her.


You want to make her feel like a queen and please her in every way so she won't ever long for another man. 🏆

Here’s a crazy question for you:

What if you stopped TRYING & started KNOWING exactly what it takes to make a woman feel special, loved & completely satisfied?

Sounds too good to be true?

Hang tight. I am about to show you exactly how. 👇

Here's The Deal With Women In 2022:

Women don’t just want flowers, gifts & money. It’s nice, but it’s not what makes them truly satisfied.

Women don’t care much about bigger, harder, longer in the bedroom. (That’s more for your ego)

Women want SOUL-DEEP connection & real intimacy with you. That’s what truly gets them.

Money 💵, looks and fancy cars 🏎️ mean NOTHING to a woman if a man doesn't know how to create a soul-deep connection & real intimacy with her.

... and this is where the magic of "Tantric Sex 🔥" comes in.

You make love to her in such a way that pleasures not just her body but also her mind and heart.

And THAT’S how you win a woman and make her feel truly special.

Crazy side effect:

She’ll get addicted to you in bed.

The "Tantric Sex 🔥" Formula

(a powerful way to unlock insane amounts of love, soul-deep connection & long-term desire for each other)


Step into your full power & learn to use both your inner masculine & feminine energy (using tantric polarity exercises)


Connect with her heart and arouse her from the inside out (Using powerful tantric sex practices)


Unite with her body, mind & heart (Using advanced tantric sex practices)


Tantric sex practices arouse a woman on a deeper subconscious level, creating a lasting impact on her attraction to you, overall wellbeing & real happiness.

(.. there're literally only a few thousand men on this planet who know how to truly use tantric sex practices to win with women and relationships.)

Once you've learned these secrets, it's like holding the key to a woman's heart & long-lasting, happy & passionate relationships.

*Excerpt from a chat with my client

In A NutshelL

The "Tantric Sex 🔥" Formula Helps You To Have Less Headache With A Woman And More Intimacy, Connection & Love

  • No more confusion on what makes a woman happy 
  • No more "bitchyness" from a woman
  • No more sexless relationships & getting friendzoned 

Instead you can enjoy the fun side of relationships

  • Having passionate sex
  • Having her ask for more sex
  • Making a woman happy KNOWING how to
  • Having her fully on your side & supporting you in every way

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what one of my coaching clients said after he learned the "Tantric Sex 🔥" formula:

*Excerpt from a chat with my client


The "Tantric Sex 🔥" Premium Online Event

Watch a real couple have "Tantric Sex 🔥" on camera & then use their secrets to have amazing sex with your partner and unlock NEW Levels Of Connection, Love & Intimacy.

Close-Up Cameras Will Allow You To See Everything Making It Easy To Understand How The Techniques Work.

Beware ❗: This Event involves nudity. 18+ Only.

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • 2-Hour Online Program With World-Class Tantra Experts Adina & Jonti + 2 Nude Models
  • QNA Session Insights  
  • Life-time Access To The Event
  • Access To VIP Group (Special discounts, priority access to new events, ask questions) 
  • BONUS #1: “Magic Tantric Sex 🎵" Playlist
  • BONUS #2: "Tantric Sex - Beginner’s Guide" eBook
  • BONUS #3: "Tantric Sex Positions For Deep Connection" Playbook

Super High Demand. Spots Are Going Fast. Only A Few Left.

Here’s EXACTLY what you'll experience during the "Tantric Sex 🔥" Premium Online Event:

(that’s a tongue twister)

Part 1: Meet Your Tantric Sex Coaches & Get Initiated Into Tantra

  • Learn first-hand from tantric sex experts
  • Intro into REAL tantric sex (not the superficial BS you read online)
  • How to introduce tantric sex to your partner without coming across as weird
  • What makes tantric sex different from ordinary sex
  • How to start having tantric sex without feeling awkward?
  • Meet the tantric sex couple & get to know them personally (how do they feel before the practice? What are they worried about? What are they excited about?)

Part 2: Watch The Couple Build A Deep Connection Using Tantric Secrets

  • Watch the couple do specific tantric sex practices to build a soul-deep bond
  • Experience how the energy shifts between the couple as they do the tantric practices for the first time
  • See how to connect to a woman’s heart using the “Heart-Breath” technique
  • Watch the power of the “Greeting As Lovers” practice to get started with tantric sex
  • Learn the “Touch-Dance” technique to unlock playfulness (this will immediately elevate your sex)
  • Unlock her deeper sexual body - the most subtle part of who she is - with the “Bliss Body Tantric Touch” technique
  • Feel the sexual fire in the air as the couple uses the “Cherish Magic” tantric sex technique
  • Watch how to unlock deep primal pleasure and more orgasmic potential with the “Breath-Sound-Energy” tantric practice

Part 3: Watch The Couple Get Naked & Do Tantric Sex Practices

  • Watch the couple undress each other sensually
  • See how the couple uses tantric sex positions to unleash intense passion, connection & desire
  • Watch the couple unlock fierce sexual fire using the “Neck Nuzzle” technique.
  • Learn how to move sexual energy to make sex nourishing, healing & truly powerful.

Part 4: QNA About Tantric Sex And Intimacy

  • In this section we really we answer questions such as: 
  • Did the couple develop connection during the session? If so, how did it feel like for her?
  • Was the couple aroused during the session?
  • And many more! Nothing is taboo - this is your place to learn about Tantric Sex from real experts

Everything you need to master the first steps to deeply-connected sex with a woman using tantric sex secrets & then unlocking NEW levels of connection, love & intimacy.

*Excerpt from a chat with my client

And Here’s The Crazy Thing!

If that wasn't enough I've added EXTRA Bonuses:


"Tantric Sex - The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide" eBook

Get a crystal-clear understanding what tantric sex really means and how to get started with it.


"Magic Tantric Sex 🔥" Playlist

Music is more than just a sound that you hear.

It’s a frequency that influences the state of body, mind and soul.

I’ve created this playlist to help you unlock altered states of pleasure. Powerful!


"Tantric Sex Positions For Deep Connection" Playbook

The juiciest sex positions to try during tantric lovemaking. Tested & tried myself. ;) The visuals in this ebook will give you clear guidance on how to do it.

Who Is This Online Event For?

For men who want to make a woman feel truly special and have a passionate and peaceful relationship.

If this is you then you've likely struggled with ..

  • Getting consistent intimacy & sex 
  • Knowing what a woman truly wants
  • Showing her how much she means to you
  • Knowing how to satisfy her so she's really happy 

What This Online Event Helps You Achieve:

Watching the “Tantric Sex 🔥” Premium Online Event will help you to:

  • Know how to make a woman feel adored & loved
  • End boring & average sex
  • End a sexless relationship
  • Learn sex skills 95% of men don’t know
  • Connect more deeply with a woman
  • Give better pleasure and orgasms & have more sex

“If you want to win with women, learning tantric sex skills will be your sure advantage.”

What The Online Event Will Look Like ..

You can watch the event from the comfort of your home - on your computer, phone or any other device.

No one will be able to see you, but you will be able to see EVERYTHING.

30.000+ Satisfied People Watched My Online Events

Get high quality sex education today & have better sex and more love tomorrow.

Here’s what people say about my exclusive online events.

Your Sex Coach & Host For This Event

Hey, Adina here 🐆

I’m a wild girl at heart & a sexual pleasure & relationship “scientist”.

I have been leading the online world of sexual education with easy-to-understand tips & methods since 2013. (yep, that’s almost 10 years) 

More than 500 million people have watched my YouTube videos & more than 400.000 receive my private emails.

Forbes Magazine wrote: “Her authenticity is what gave Adina a world stage.”

Cosmopolitan fancied: She’s one-of-a-kind. No one teaches sex like she does.”

Most of all I feel blessed to be able to support so many people on their journey to better sex, fulfilling relationships and good life.

Meet Your Sex Coach

Jonti is a world-renowned tantra & intimacy coach with an insane 20 years of experience.

He has unlocked pleasure in women and men who thought they were numb & sexually "dead".

He has sparked pleasure in couples who thought their sex lives were over.

He's a true magician & master of his craft.

I know of no better sex teacher in this world hence I've why I have invited him to join this exclusive online event.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

  • 2-Hour Online Program With World-Class Tantra Experts Adina & Jonti + 2 Nude Models
  • Q&A Session Insight
  • Life-time Access To The Event
  • Access To VIP Group (Special discounts, priority access to new events & Ask questions) 
  • BONUS #1: “Magic Tantric Sex" Playlist
  • BONUS #2: "Tantric Sex - Beginner’s Guide" eBook
  • BONUS #3: "Tantric Sex Positions For Deep Connection" eBook

As Featured In

As Featured In

When You Walk Away From The "Tantric Sex 🔥" Premium Online Event, You Will:

Know how to build a deep connection with a woman 🖤

Be able to lead a woman confidently into tantric sex 👑

Increase your sex skills & please her better 

Become part of the top 2% of men in the bedroom 🏆

Become her sex god 🙏 (she’ll keep coming back for more. ;)

Stand out from the crowd of average guys in bed 

*Excerpt from a chat with my client

Your Questions Answered

How long will the online event be?

The entire event is 2.5 hours - packed with value, excitement, thrill & sensuality. Get ready for a roller coaster of feelings and sensations only by watching it. You can watch this online event at your own pace, pause it and re-watch it again anytime and anywhere.

How do I watch this online event?

Right after your purchase, you will get an email with your access to the online event. All you have to do is click the links inside the email and you are IN for a fun ride.

How long do I have access for this online event for? 

Good news! You will have lifetime access to it, baby!

Having access to this online event also means: 
- You can learn at your own pace 
- Pause and re-watch it anytime

- Watch it anytime, anywhere and on any device 

Can anybody see me during the online event?

Nobody will see you during the online event but you will be able to see EVERYTHING.

I don’t have a partner currently. Is this online event still relevant for me?

What do you mean? The question in itself shows that you need to join this event. You can only ever attract good sex & a good lover if you are on top of your game. Like attracts like. So yes, join the event and watch how you’ll attract more potential lovers RIGHT AFTER!


What does it say on the invoice?

It’ll show as. “Peter is joining a Tantric Sex Live Event.”    😈

Of course NOT.

I am a professional. What do you think? I know that you don’t want anyone to see that you are joining this event. And I understand. I wouldn’t want that either.

So your bank statement won’t show any weird names. All that will show up is "Adina Rivers" Or "TASE Event". That’s it.

So Yeah You Guessed It

This Will Be An Exciting Online Event About Pleasure, Connection & Sex 🔥(Caution: Involves Full Nudity)

And I can’t wait to show you how the magic of "Tantric Sex " will help you:

  • Make a woman feel truly loved and happy
  • Create passionate relationships
  • Become a sex god to the woman you want

Do you want all of this? Then join me for this exclusive online event.

Click the link below before all seats are gone.

Secure, Anonymous & Trusted By Over 100.000+ Satisfied Students

*Excerpt from a chat with my client

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