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"I feel more pleasure when I have sex with him 🔥"

*Chat with a private client

As Featured In

As Featured In

Get Super Horny Easily

The Sex Massage Techniques You Are About to See Will Make You Speechless 🔥

Watch the most powerful sex massage techniques and unlock deep connection, intimacy, and arousal.

Let Me Guess 🙃..

You Want To Feel True ECSTASY & Intense Pleasure In The Bedroom, Right?

So you thought to read books about orgasms & sex 📕

But reading about something & actually experiencing it are two different things. And all this reading makes you only more unhappy because you still don't have more pleasure in your life.

You thought about checking out porn for NEW pleasure tricks 🎞️

But deep down inside you know that this is not the best place to learn about pleasure stuff.

And rightly so, love.

You thought to just accept your unsatisfying sex life as it is now 😞

But deep down inside you keep fantasizing about how amazing it would be to experience true ecstasy and deeply satisfying pleasure in the bedroom.


You want to experience deeply fulfilling pleasure in the bedroom and feel adored, wanted & satisfied. 🔥

That's Exactly What I Will Show You In The “Orgasmic Sex Massage 🔥” Premium Online Live Event & Demonstration


Use The Breath To Get Deeply Aroused & Relaxed 🌬

The breath regulates your nervous system. 

And the nervous system defines your arousal as well as a man's stamina.

I'll show you the best breathing techniques for easy arousal and long lasting power for him.

Awaken Your Sexual Energy Centers & Get Wet Easily 💦

There are 7 major energy centers in your body.

When an energy center is blocked then energy cannot flow and connection & arousal are difficult.

I'll show you how to awaken your sexual energy centers (and that of your lover) so you can connect more effortlessly and deeply.

Dive Into The Orgasmic Massage With Ease

The way your lover or you start the orgasmic sex massage defines the course of the entire massage.

I will show you the best ways to get start the massage being at ease, relaxed, sensual & confident.

Magical Bum & Back Massage 🍑 

You might think a back massage is boring, but ..

it's what truly opens up and relaxes a person since this is energetically the safe side.

I'll show you how to give and receive a B&B massage.

Ecstatic Breast-, Nipples- & Front Massage

The front side is the vulnerable side. 

It needs real skill to massage this side of the body well.

I'll show you how to give and receive this type of massage.

 Arousing Clitoris & Pussy Lips Massage 🌺

The Orgasmic Sex Massage includes a gentle warm-up massage of the outer vagina (or penis for a man).

Most people start touching the intimate area like a construction guy.

I'll show you how gently massage the intimate area with real skill.

"Absolutely mind-blowing to watch! ❤️‍🔥"

*Chat with a private client

Yesss! You could be experiencing (or giving) A NEW & Unforgettable Orgasmic Sex Massage right after watching this premium live online demonstration.

Who Is the “Orgasmic Sex massage 🔥” Premium Online Live Event & Demonstration for?

For women who want to experience more pleasure, intimacy and satisfaction in the bedroom and with their lover.

If this is you, then you've likely struggled with:

  • Frustration of not having deeply satisfying sex or ecstatic pleasure in the bedroom
  • Uncertainty how to unlock more satisfaction, arousal and pleasure in the bedroom
  • Faking orgasms or pleasure because you don't want to upset a man
  • Lack of sex drive or desiring sex because orgasms don't come easily and it seems you don't enjoy sex very much
  • Insecurity because you don't feel well connected with your sexuality & pussy
  • Sexual Routine & Boredom because you don't know what else to do or your lover doesn't and it's not arousing anymore 

Watching the “Orgasmic Sex Massage 🔥” Premium Online Live Event & Demonstration will help you ..

  • Unlock more pleasure for yourself
  • Gain new sex skills for him and you
  • Massage a man's body with skill
  • Connect deeply with a man 
  • Re-spark the flame in your relationship
  • Have better sex EASILY
  • Get aroused effortlessly
  • Show love through touch
  • Deeply impress a man
  • Make him feel loved & special

The "Orgasmic Sex Massage" Formula 🔥

(It's the most powerful sex massage on this planet!!)


Use the Orgasmic Breath Technique 🌬 & Deep Connection Ritual 💞 to deeply relax & connect


Arouse the entire body with the orgasmic bum & back massage 🍑


Arouse breasts, nipples and frontal body with the yin yang massage technique


Awaken your pussy (or his manhood) with the vibration magic touch 🌺


When the sexual energy gets distributed in the entire body during the orgasmic sex massage, you or your lover can even have an energy orgasm. 🤯

(.. there's literally only a few thousand women on this planet who know the orgasmic sex massage. Once you've learned it, it's like holding the key to intense pleasure & deep connection.)

"This was so freaking fascinating to watch .."

*Excerpt from a chat with my client


The “Orgasmic Sex Massage 🔥” Premium Live Online Event & Demonstration

Watch an orgasmic sex massage on a real naked woman 🔥 

Then Use The Same Skills To Unlock Intense Ecstasy & Deep Connection.

Caution❗: Sexual Content & Nudity. 18+ Only.

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • 3-Hour Online Event & Demonstration With Adina & World-Class Sex Coach Jonti + Naked Model (Value $997)
  • Q&A Insights Session (Value $197)
  • Lifetime Access To Online Event (Watch anytime, anywhere!) (Value $97)
  • VIP Group Access (Get  access to future live event discounts & connect with like-minded people) (Value $67)
  • BONUS #1: “Orgasmic Sex Massage 🔥” Playlist  (Value $47)
  • BONUS #2: “50 Powerful Seduction Words” eBook (Value $47)
  • BONUS #3: “10 x More Attractive 🧲 ” Masterclass (Value $47)
  • BONUS #4: "Increase Libido, Lubrication & Orgasms” eBook (Value $47)

Total Value: $1,546

Only $197

Very High Demand. Tickets Are Going Fast. Only A Few Left.

Join 30.000+ Happy People Who’ve Watched My Premium Sex Online Demonstrations

What my students say:

Get high-quality sex education while having fun.

Benefits of my Premium Sex Online Events & Demonstrations

Immediately Actionable

Zero fluff. Zero hand-wavy theory.

Close-up cameras will allow you to watch every detail of the sex techniques on real models while a world-class sex coach explains you-step-by-step how it’s done.

Short & Efficient

Most courses think offering "100+ hours of video content" is a good thing. Not me. Nobody has time for that.

My masterclasses are only 3 hours or less and give you all the skills you need while having fun (and maybe even getting aroused ;).


I want my courses to be accessible to as many people as possible while maintaining high quality. (even though the value is much higher!)

Skyrocket Your Sex Skills 🙀

  • Upgrade your sex skills in only 3 hours
  • Learn faster & better with real demonstrations (not just theory)
  • Get excited, aroused & educated at once
  • Feel like you are right in the middle of the event
  • Ditch porn (it’s fake) & watch the “real” deal
  • Learn from leading experts

"I got wet AF. Crazy .."

*Excerpt from a chat with an attendee of my test event


What If You Stopped TRYING & Started KNOWING Exactly How To Unlock Wild Ecstasy & Deeply Satisfying Pleasure? 🔥

Sounds too good to be true?

I’ll show you exactly how it’s done. 👇

Here's What You'll See At The “orgasmic Sex Massage 🔥” Premium Live Online Event & Demonstration:

(that’s a tongue twister)

Part 1: Meet Your Sex Coaches & Models

  • Meet Adina - your host, friend & founder of the premium sex online demonstrations
  • Meet world-class sex & intimacy coach Jonti
  • Meet our demonstration model - Lwazi
  • Hear why the orgasmic sex massage is so powerful for couples & singles 

Part 2: The Orgasmic Breath

  • Watch different types of orgasmic breathing patterns that unlock intense pleasure, connection & orgasmic sensations
  • See how our world-class coaches teaches our amateur model to learn these breathing techniques step-by-step
  • Follow-along from the comfort of your home & immediately feel the tingling and pleasurable sensations in your own body

Part 3: Secret Orgasmic Massage Techniques

  • See special professional orgasmic massage techniques that will enhance the orgasmic massage by 10x 
  • Understand the yin-yang energy flow in the body to unlock more relaxation and trust in the bedroom
  • Watch the most powerful energy centers, reflexology points and erogenous zones in a the sexual body (when you know these you've got the key to pleasure)

Part 4: Orgasmic Bum & Back Massage

  • Watch how world-class sex coach Jonti gently arouses our model with a professional bum & back massage
  • Learn how to touch the bum and trigger deep arousal (the butt has so many more erogenous zones than most know)
  • See how the backside massage lays the foundation for deep pleasure and getting wet effortlessly

Part 5: Orgasmic Nipple, Breast and Front Massage

  • Watch how to touch the front sexual body with skill 
  • Watch a nipple massage & see how to unlock more nipple sensations
  • Learn different ways of touching a arousing breast touches
  • See how to massage her legs, feet, belly for intense arousal

Part 6: Arousing Clitoris & Pussy Lips Massage

  • Watch how to have your intimate area touched, awakened & aroused (not like what you see in porn)
  • Watch how to awaken and stimulate your clitoris
  • See how to intensify your pleasure by uniting nipple and clitoral touch
  • Watch how to feel save & relaxed and then feel excited for sex after the massage

Part 7: Ask Your Questions & Get Answers

  • Ask any question anonymously in the chat & get answers directly from world-class sex coach Jonti, Adina or our model
  • All of your questions are welcome
  • No one can see you. Your identity is hidden.

Everything you need to experience and give an orgasmic sex massage & unlock intense ecstasy in the bedroom

"I want a guy to touch me like this .."

*Excerpt from a chat with my client

You’ll Also Get These FREE Bonuses 😻

When joining NOW, you’ll get IMMEDIATE access to these premium bonuses 👇


“Orgasmic Sex Massage 🔥 ” Premium Playlist

Music is more than just a sound you hear. 

It's a frequency that influences the state of body, mind & heart.

I’ve created a playlist that'll help you and her get in an altered state of pleasure. Powerful! 

Press play & watch the magic happen.


“50 Powerful Seduction Words” eBook

Words carry energy. 

If you use the right words at the right time, you'll double your seduction powers.

I'll share with you the world's most powerful seduction words.

You can use them right away!


“10x More Attractive 🔥” Masterclass

This masterclass will show you straight forward step by step how to be 10x more attractive & find a sexy partner easily 


“Increase Libido, Lubrication & Orgasms🔥" eBook

Learn secret bio-hacks to increase libido, lubrications and orgasm sensations

Here’s everything you’ll get when you join today:

  • 3-Hour Online Online Event & Demonstration With Adina & World-Class Sex Coach Jonti + Naked Model (Value $997)
  • Q&A Insights Session (Value $197)
  • Lifetime Access To Online Demonstration (Watch anytime, anywhere!) (Value $97)
  • VIP Group Access (Get access to future live event discounts & connect with like-minded people) (Value $67)
  • BONUS #1: “Orgasmic Sex Massage🔥” Premium Playlist (Value $47)
  • BONUS #2: “50 Powerful Seduction Words” eBook (Value $47)
  • BONUS #3: “10x More Attractive🔥” Masterclass (Value $47)
  • BONUS #4: “Increase Libido, Lubrication & Orgasms 🔥” eBook (Value $47)

Total Value: $1,546

Only $197

Very High Demand. Tickets Are Going Fast. Only A Few Left.

What The "Orgasmic Sex Massage 🔥" Premium Live Online Event & Demonstration Will Look Like On The Inside ..

Everything you need to make a woman feel SPECIAL in the bedroom.

  • Watch from the comfort of your home
  • Watch on any device (computer, phone, tablet)
  • No download needed
  • Full Privacy, no one can see you
  • See everything right in front of your eyes
  • Close-up cameras & multiple angles

Your Hosts For This Premium Sex Online Demonstration 🔥

Hey, Adina here 🐆

I’m a wild girl at heart & a sexual pleasure and relationship “scientist”.

I have been leading the online world of sexual education with easy-to-understand tips & methods since 2013. (yep, that’s almost 10 years)

I’ve been featured in FORBES, Cosmopolitan & many other magazines.

More than 500 million people have watched my YouTube videos & more than 400.000 are on my email list.

Forbes Magazine wrote: Her authenticity is what gave Adina a world stage.”

Cosmopolitan fancied: “She’s one-of-a-kind. No one teaches sex like she does.”

I’m excited to help you have better sex, more fulfilling relationships and a happy life.

Meet Your Sex Coach

Jonti is a world-renowned tantra & intimacy coach with an insane 20 years of experience.

He has unlocked pleasure in women and men who thought they were numb, sexually "dead" or a failure.

He has sparked pleasure in couples who thought their sex lives were over.

He's a true magician & master of his craft.

I’m excited to have him join me as my co-host & master sex coach for this exclusive online event.

When You Walk Away From The "Orgasmic Sex Massage 🔥" Premium Live Online Event & Demonstration, You Will ..

 Unlock more pleasure in the bedroom

Have more satisfying sex effortlessly ❤️‍🔥

Stand out from the crowd of average women in the bedroom 👑

Get wet & horny EASILY 💦

Impress a man in the bedroom ❤️‍🔥

Know secret erogenous zones ⚡️

"Absolutely mind-blowing to watch"

*Excerpt from a chat with my client

Your Questions Answered

What is an Orgasmic Sex Massage? 🔥

The Orgasmic Sex Massage is a professional full-body massage which includes the massage of the intimate area as well.

The orgasmic massage techniques can be used on both women and men and are equally powerful for both genders.

The orgasmic sex massage has calming, healing and arousing effects.

Why is the "Orgasmic Sex Massage" so powerful? 🎓

The Orgasmic Sex Massage helps to .. 

👉 relax your lover by activating the parasympathetic nervous system

👉 has healing, emotional and spiritual benefits

👉 bonds a couple deeply

👉 bring back the spark to a sexless relationship

👉 increases sex drive & orgasms

👉 makes for better sex

👉 get more sex

👉 increase the love & intimacy

I don’t have a partner at the moment. Is this online demonstration still relevant for me?

You'll attract a wonderful lover easily when you are on top of your game.

Like attracts like.

So yes, join this online demonstration and watch how you’ll attract more potential lovers RIGHT AFTER!

How long is the online live event & demonstration? ️

The online demonstration will be around 2-3 hours.

It'll be packed with value, excitement, thrill & sensuality.

Get ready for a roller coaster of feelings and sensations simply by watching.

How do I watch the event & online demonstration?

You can watch the online demonstration on your phone, tablet or computer. You won't have to download anything. 

I'll send you a link via email at the time of the online event. Then all you have to do is click the link, login and you can watch the online event. 

No need to download anything.  

Will I have lifetime access?

Yes, baby! You’ll have lifetime access to the online demonstration. Watch it anywhere and anytime.

Do you have a refund policy?

I’ve had thousands of people join my sex online demonstrations. There are hundreds of raving reviews as you can see in the review section above.

Due to the intimate nature of these special online demonstration (complete nudity & sexual content) and to protect the models and special skills you’ll learn in this online demonstration I do not offer a general refund policy.

However if you really are not satisfied with your purchase after watching the entire online demonstration, you can reach out to

My team and I will review your case and then make a decision based on your particular case.

I highly value quality, integrity, honesty and transparency and I’ll always treat my valuable customers in such a way.

So if something really did not please you, I’ll always consider it and decide in your favor.

Your happiness is my happiness.

What does it say on the invoice?

You'll be totally undercover. Your bank statement won’t show the name of this online event. All that will show up is "OSMA Event". That’s it. I’ll protect you at all cost. :)


This Will Be An Exciting Event About Pleasure, Intimacy & Connection 🔥

And I can’t wait to show you how the "Orgasmic Sex Massage" will help you ..

  • Have a passionate & exciting relationship
  • Become a sex goddess to a man
  • Truly enjoy sex
  • Get wet & horny EASILY
  • Skyrocket your sex life to new heights

Do you want all of this?

Then join me for this exclusive sex online demonstration.

Click the link below NOW 👇

Secure, Anonymous & Trusted By Over 100.000+ Satisfied Students

"I fell in love with him all over again after this massage. "

*Excerpt from a chat with my client

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