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"I love teaching about full-body orgasms, because They Are The secret To Passionate Relationships 🔥

Hey, I am Adina,

About 10 years ago, I felt an emptiness inside of me.

My relationship wasn’t thriving and my sex life wasn’t either (raising a little baby definitely contributed to that).

One day I came across a book about ancient lovemaking rituals and it sparked my inner fire.🔥

I began researching like a maniac.

I went to seminars, retreats, workshops; read hundreds of books; studied the sexual body & made some crazy experiences.

I began documenting everything I studied and learned.

Little did I know that this journey would turn me into one of the most influential relationship & lovemaking coaches.

(I got featured in Forbes Magazine 📕Cosmopolitan & hundreds of other media outlets. Over 300 million people have watched my YouTube videos & over 100.000 students have studied with me)

Life has some crazy twists and turns, right?!

Pleasure is power. It unlocks deep connection, passion & joy.

That’s why I love teaching about Full-Body Orgasms, they make for a passionate relationship, bring the joy back into a stale relationship and infuse us with a magical zest for life. 

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