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15 Sex Online Courses For The Price Of ONE. 

Sex Course #1:

Pussy Massage PRO

Unlock the DEEPEST ORGASM possible! 

In this 3-hours premium online demonstration you'll see step-by-step how to have the deepest orgasm possible - the CERVICAL orgasm. 🔥

Watch a world-class sex coach give a real woman the pussy massage PRO & see how it unlocks toe-curling orgasms for her.

It'll be breathtaking to watch.

USD 197 Included

Sex Course #2: 

Seduction Mastery

Seduce a man like a pro & make him go crazy for you.

Watch a hot guy getting seduced by a real woman with special seduction skills & see how he gets all into her.

USD 197 Included

Sex Course #3: 

Hot Sex Games

Spice Up Your Sex Life With Hot Sex Games 🔥

Watch a real man play hot sex games with his lady.

Then use the same tricks to have a sizzling, exciting and super hot sex life.

Say good-bye to boring sex & hello to exciting sex - even after years of relationship.

USD 197 Included

Sex Course #4: 

Orgasmic Sex

Have the best sex of your life! 🔥

80% of women don't orgasm from penetration.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

In the "Orgasmic Sex 🔥" Premium Online Demonstration you'll ..

Watch a real woman have sex with her partner & see how she rides him to unlock powerful vaginal orgasms.

Then use these skills to have orgasmic sex with your partner.

USD 197 Included

Sex Course #5: 

Tantric Sex Mastery

Have Deeply-Connected Sex. 💞

Tantric sex connects sexuality with spirituality and deepens connection, intimacy and love.

In this premium online demonstration you'll ..

Watch a real couple have tantric sex right in front of your eyes. 

Close-up cameras will allow you to see every detail tantric sex techniques & make it easy to understand how exactly it works.  

USD 197 Included

Sex Course #6: 

Orgasmic Oral Sex

Give Him Super Explosive Orgasms With Your Mouth! 💥

In this 3-hours premium online demonstration you'll .. 

Watch a real woman please a man’s penis with a POWERFUL oral sex technique that will drive him wild.

And then copy her skills to make a man lose control in the bedroom.

USD 197 Included

Sex Course #7: 

Ecstatic G-Spot Orgasms

Unlock Squirting Orgasms 🌊

Women have a powerful orgasm spot inside their vagina.

When it is unlocked, a woman's orgasms will become more intense, powerful and ecstatic.

Watch how to exactly unlock your G-Spot in this 3-hour premium online demonstration.

USD 197 Included

Sex Course #8:

Orgasmic Pussy Massage

Have Guaranteed Orgasms! ❤️‍🔥

80% of women struggle to have an orgasm or don't know how to have a GOOD orgasm

With the "Orgasmic Pussy Massage" Technique ORGASMS are GUARANTEED.

I will show you step-by-step how to unlock toe-curling full-body orgasms.

Watch an orgasmic pussy massage on a real naked woman & unlock soul-shaking orgasms for yourself.

This 3-hour premium online class will catapult you among the few women (maybe 2%) who know how to unlock full-body orgasms. 

*Chat with a private client

USD 197 Included

Sex Course #9:

Multiple Orgasm Mastery

Give him multiple orgasms in 1 sex session! (no downtime!) ⚡️⚡️

Want  to give your man something really special?

Something 99% of men have never experienced? 

Then this 3-hour premium online sex class is for you ..

Watch a world-class sex coach give multiple orgasms to a naked man and woman & then use these skills to impress a man in the bedroom.

Close-up cameras and precise step-by-step instructions will make it easy for you to understand how exactly this SPECIAL sex skill works. 

BONUS : Learn how to have multiple orgasms for yourself with the multiple orgasm technique demonstrated on a real naked woman.

USD 197 Included

Sex Course #10:

Ecstatic Breast orgasms

Have An Ecstatic Breast Orgasm & Lose Control In Bed 🍒

Did you know, queen? 

You can have an intense orgasm with your nipples and breasts only. 😱

"It's the best feeling I've ever had."

This is what women tell me who've experienced a breast orgasm.

In this 3-hour premium online class I will show you step-by-step how to unlock ecstatic breast orgasms & experience completely new orgasmic sensations in your body. 

Watch a world-class sex coach give a real woman an ecstatic breast orgasm & get step-by-step instructions how to unlock ecstatic breast orgasms in your body.

USD 197 Included

Sex Course #11:

Secret Naked Yoga 

Enhance your confidence, femininity and sensuality with naked yoga.

Men love confident women in the bedroom.

Join me for a 2-hour naked yoga class with a world-class naked yoga teacher & unlock new levels of attractiveness, libido & confidence. 

This will change you as a woman.

USD 97 Included

Sex Course #12:

Orgasmic Pussy & Penis Massage

The Orgasmic Pussy & Penis Massage (Couple Edition)

Watch a real woman give her man an orgasmic penis massage. 

You'll learn how to ..

👉 Touch a man's penis with skill

👉 Pleasure his balls like a pro

👉 Give him a mind-blowing full-body orgasm

👉 Make a man feel deeply adored 

👉 Help him last longer during sex

*Chat with a private client

USD 197 Included

Sex Course #13:

Full-Body orgasm Mastery 

Make your ENTIRE body orgasm! 🌋

It's also called a Full-Body Orgasm. 

These orgasms are so strong that it can change your DNA & the feelings lasts days. 

In this 3-hour masterclass I'll give you my complete full-body orgasm formula and give you a precise step-by-step masterplan to unlock a full-body orgasm easily.

USD 67 Included

Sex class #14

Unlock Your Full Sexual Power

Boost your sex power!

Your body stores trauma, fear and insecurities deep within your tissues.

Once you let go of these, your sex power will be doubled naturally.

This 1-hour masterclass will help you ..

✅ Be more confident in the bedroom

✅ Improve your sexual confidence

✅ Let go of inhibitions

✅ Become more attractive 

✅ Let go of unwanted trauma

This is a follow-along class. Right after you'll feel reborn.

*Chat with a private client

USD 67 Included

Sex Class #15

Attract Money, Love & Health With Your Sexual Energy

Your sexual energy is a power house.

Most people only use it to have sex.

But sexual energy can be used to ATTRACT EVERYTHING YOU WANT.

Money, love, success, fame, power, health.

In this powerful 1-hour interactive class I'll guide you through different practices that'll help you use your sexual energy for success, love and wellbeing. 

USD 67 Included


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Having a mentor is the easiest way to .. 

👉 Spark a stale relationship

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👉 Avoid pitfalls during dating or relating

I'll help you with it all.

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Who Is This CYBER MONDAY Mega Sex Bundle For?

For smart women who want to impress a man in the bedroom, have amazing orgasms and deeply satisfy a man so he won't ever secretly crave another woman.

It is for women who are in a relationship & women who are single and want to attract and seduce a man.

If this is you, then you are likely struggling with ..

  • CONFUSION of how to have truly satisfying orgasms
  • UNCERTAINTY how to exactly touch a a man's penis & sexual body 
  • INSECURITY during sex e.g. low libido, vaginal dryness, not feeling attractive
  • FRUSTRATION of not getting the pleasure you want to during sex
  • UNCERTAINTY of how to make a man want only you

What The “Mega Sex Bundle 🔥” Helps You Achieve:

Watching these 15 Premium Sex Online Programs will help you:

  • Learn how to touch a man's penis with skill
  • Know how to make a man feel deeply satisfied
  • Give a man multiple orgasms (no downtime!)
  • End boring & average sex
  • Learn sex skills 95% of women don’t know
  • Connect deeply with a man
  • Have deeply satisfying sex 
  • Get more wet & have more orgasms 


The Mega Sex Bundle 🔥

Get 15 Premium Sex Online Courses For The Price Of ONE. 😱

And then make a woman dripping wet, squirt & scream of pleasure.

Caution ⚠️: involves nudity. 18+ Only.

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • 15 Premium Sex Online Courses With World-Class Sex Experts & Live Sex Demonstrations On Real Naked Models (Value $2,465)
  • Private Whatsapp Coaching With Adina (Value $497)
  • 7 Q&A Sessions: Adina & Sex Experts Answer Questions on Sexual Problems, Relationship, Dating, Seduction etc. 
  • Life-time Access To The Bundle 
  • VIP Group Access (Get special discounts, priority access to new sex events, ask questions in chat group)
  • BONUS #1: “Nipple Pleasure Secrets" eBook (Value $47)
  • BONUS #2: "Magical Pussy Healing" Mini Class (Value $47)
  • BONUS #3: "Activate Alpha Brain Waves To Unlock Full-Body Expanded Orgasms" Audio File (Value $47)

Total Value: $2,465

Now Only $197 🙀

Join 30.000+ Satisfied People That Watched My Sex Online Programs

Watch high quality sex education today & have better sex and more intimacy tomorrow.

Here’s what people say about my erotic online programs.

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What If You Stopped TRYING & Started KNOWING Exactly How To Fully Satisfy A Man in The Bedroom?

Sounds Too Good To Be True?

I’ll show you exactly how it’s done in the Mega Sex Bundle 2.0! 🔥

Here's what my premium sex online Courses look like on the inside:

Uhhh .. now we are sliding in ;)

Let's take for example the “Multiple Orgasm Mastery 🔥” Premium Online Demonstration. 

This is what it'll look like 👇:

Part 1: Meet Your Sex Coaches & The Naked Couple

  • Meet Adina - your host of this erotic online program
  • Meet sex coach Jonti who'll demonstrate the "Multiple-Orgasm" technique
  • Meet our real naked model. She'll experience the multiple-orgasm session
  • Meet our brave naked male model. He'll learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation

Part 2: Watch Her Have Multiple Orgasms

  • Watch how sex coach Jonti relaxes & prepares the naked model for multiple orgasms by activating her alpha brainwaves
  • See where to find a your G-Spot, A-Spot, U-Spot & Cervix Orgasm point. (demonstration on our naked model)
  • Learn the entire multiple orgasm formula
  • See how sex coach Jonti unlocks Full-Body Expanded Orgasms in the model (live on camera)
  • Watch how she experiences intense orgasms - again and again
  • Watch how to stimulate the G-Spot
  • Learn what makes a woman squirt

Part 3: Watch Him Have Multiple Orgasms

  • Watch how the female model gives multiple orgasms to a man (guided by our sex coach)
  • See how she learns to make him last longer NATURALLY 
  • Watch as he learns to separate orgasm from ejaculation
  • Learn techniques to increase sexual stamina
  • Watch how she learns penis strokes to intensify his pleasure by 10x
  • Watch what expanded, multiple orgasms look like for a man

Part 4: Q&A Session Insights With  Sex Coaches & Nude Models

  • In this 30-min Q&A session we answer burning sex & intimacy questions 
  • E.g. What to do if a man ejaculates early?What to do of the sex isn't good? How to make your partner join you for new type of sex? etc.

And this is only one of 15 premium sex online courses you'll get to watch.

You’ll learn EVERYTHING to master the art of sexual seduction, intense orgasms, deep connection & nourishing intimacy.

"It was freaking mesmerizing"

*Excerpt from a chat with my client

And Here’s The Crazy Thing!

As if this wasn't already a crazy deal you'll also get these FREE bonuses.


"Nipple Orgasm 🔥" eBook

A woman's breasts are the gateway to her heart. Use the straight-forward secrets I share in this ebook to unlock a nipple orgasm.


"Magical Pussy Healing" Mini Class

In this mini video class, I'll show you magical healing spots inside your pussy. Pressing these healing spots will help with releasing trauma, vaginal pain & sex problems.


"Activate Alpha Brain Waves To Unlock Full Body Expanded Orgasms 🔥" Binaural Frequency

A 60-Minutes Powerful Binaural Frequency Session To Unlock More Orgasms

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • 15 Premium Sex Ed Online Programs With World-Class Sex Experts & Live Demonstrations On Naked Models (Value $2,465)
  • Private Whatsapp Coaching With Adina (Value $497)
  • 7 Q&A Sessions: Adina & Sex Experts Answer Burning Questions on Sexual Problems, Relationship, Dating, Seduction etc. 
  • Life-time Access To The Event (Value Priceless)
  • VIP Group Access (Special discounts, priority access to new events, ask questions)
  • BONUS #1: “Nipple Pleasure Secrets" eBook (Value $47)
  • BONUS #2: "Magical Pussy Healing" Mini Class (Value $47)
  • BONUS #3: "Activate Alpha Brain Waves To Unlock Full-Body Expanded Orgasms" Audio File (Value $47)

Total Value: USD 2,465

Limited-Time Offer! Only $197

Here’s What The INSIDE of my Mega Sex Bundle Looks Like ..

Watch the "Mega Sex Bundle 🔥" from the comfort of your home - on your computer, phone or any other device.

No one will be able to see you, but you will be able to see EVERYTHING right in front of your eyes. 

As Featured In

As Featured In

Your Sex Coach & Host For These Online Programs

Hey, Adina here 🐆

I’m a wild girl at heart & a sexual pleasure and relationship “scientist”.

I have been leading the online world of sexual education with easy-to-understand tips & methods since 2013. (yep, that’s almost 10 years) 

More than 500 million people have watched my YouTube videos & more than 400.000 are on my email list.

Forbes Magazine wrote: “Her authenticity is what gave Adina a world stage.”

Cosmopolitan fancied: She’s one-of-a-kind. No one teaches sex like she does.”

Most of all I feel blessed to be able to support so many people on their journey to better sex, fulfilling relationships and good life.

Meet Your Sex Coach

Jonti is a world-renowned tantra & intimacy coach with an insane 20 years of experience.

He has unlocked pleasure in women and men who thought they were numb, sexually "dead" or a failure.

He has sparked pleasure in couples who thought their sex lives were over.

He's a true magician & master of his craft.

I know of no better sex teacher in this world hence I've why I have invited him to join this exclusive online event.

When You’ve Watched Everything Inside The "Mega Sex Bundle 🔥", You Will:

Know how to touch a man's penis with a skill 🔥

 Be able to have better orgasms & feel more satisfied 😊

Level up your sex skills & please a man better 🏆 

Become part of the top 2% of women in the bedroom 

Make a man addicted to you

Stand out from the crowd of average women in the bedroom 

Your Questions Answered

I already have some courses from this bundle. Should I still get it?

Yes! Definitely. Even if you only want 2 courses in this bundle, this bundle will still be cheaper than purchasing 2 courses separately. Only one of my premium courses usually costs $197. So you are very smart to get the entire bundle now & you’ll save a lot of money.

I don’t have a partner currently. Is this bundle still relevant to me?

YES, in fact, it is a great idea to watch my sex ed online programs BEFORE you get into a relationship or meet a new woman. The more you know, the better your future relationship will be.

Knowledge is power. Those who take action are the “lucky” ones.

How do I watch all the online programs in the mega sex bundle?

Right after your purchase, you will get an email with an access link. All you have to do is click the link and you’ll be able to access all the online programs.

All the online programs can be watched on laptop, phone, computer, iPad etc. No need to download anything.

How long is each online course in the bundle?

Each course is approximately 3 hours. The good thing is: You can watch at your own pace. You get access to 40+ hours of quality sex education & then you can right away use it to have better sex.

How long do I have access to the courses?

You get lifetime access, baby. Which means you can always get back and re-watch the sex techniques or watch it with your partner to inspire each other.

Will anybody know I am taking your courses?

Nope! Nobody will know, you'll be completely anonymous. Everything is set up to protect your privacy.


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  • Have truly satisfying sex & feel deep connection
  • Become a sex goddess to a man & make him love you more
  • Skyrocket your sex life to NEW heights

Do you want all of this?

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Secure, Anonymous & Trusted By Over 100.000+ Satisfied Students

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